Conference: Financial transparancy and fundraising

Transparency is a hot item in fundraising today. It is an ethical principle. In order to gain the trust of our donors and the public in general we give access to our financial data. Fundraisers can use this information.

But how does this work in practice? The Fundraiser Alliance Belgium (FAB) gives you some insight in the data, the principle and what to do with in practical terms. The conference is held on the 20th of September and is the first of the new working season.


10u00       Reception with coffee/thee

10u15       Welcome & Intro (FAB chairman Isabel Penne)

10u20       Transparancy and Ethics in fundraising: context (Speaker VEF/AERF) (t.b.c.)

10:50        Financial transparency specifically: making data accessible and comparable. The experience of (Sigrid Maes, Donorinfo)

11:20        Pause

11:30        Accomplishing financial transparency on a sector level. Experiences from the development work sector (NGO-Federation) (t.b.c.)

12:00        Data as a measurement instrument. How is our fundraising doing? What we can en cannot measure with financial data (Ilja De Coster, EthiCom)

12:30        Questions / discussion

13:00        Sandwich lunch

14:30        End


Brussels, 11.11.11, Vlasfabriekstraat 11


  • Free for Fundraisers Alliance Belgium members (becoming a member can be done on the spot)
  • 75 euro for non members


The conference will be mainly in Dutch. There is a possibility of asking questions in French.



  1. Hello all, sorry for the late reply (in case someone else hasn’t already given you an answer). You can become a member during the conference. I will send your names to Erwin Reynaert, who is our secretary. See you Thursday!

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