Online fundraising conference on Thursday 02/06/2016

Our second conference this year will be all about online fundraising. We’re inviting four prominent speakers to talk about their experiences with online fundraising.

Fotos sprekers

  • Nik Grymonprez (On- and offline fundraising for charities at Studio Straid)

Time for a reality check

The success of a number of eye-catching web shops and crowdfunding operations encourages charities to put their fundraising on the online track. With the right tools you can develop an integrated –  multichannel –  digital strategy that only needs to be implemented. If it were that simple, why isn’t the success of online campaigns talked about more? Based on some concrete cases –  with thanks to the charities concerned for their cooperation – we will look at how online fundraising behaves in regular traffic. Here and now.

  • Pascale Van Durme (Programme Manager Social and Non Profit Sector at Socialware)

Online donations: every little bit helps?

A growing trend, but what is the reality of the usage of online donations for non-profits in Belgium today? Perspective from the Dono platform of SOCIALware as a response to the demand of small to medium sized non-profits. Facts about its usage to this date and a few cases to illustrate.

  • Jelle Monstrey (Policy Participation – City of Ghent – more than online donations

The City of Ghent sets great store on contacting its citizens and other involved parties in view of their engagement and solidarity, so as to incite them in jointly creating and experiencing the city. It is now the first city in Flanders to launch a locally-oriented crowdfunding platform as an additional tool for its citizens to jointly shape their city. is off course about the money, but also about creating communities and experiences.

  • Liesbeth Van Uytven (Online Marketing for Non Profit at Let’s groo online marketing)

Effective online marketing is based on strategy, planning and excellent execution.

Who is your target group, how can your organization reach them, stay relevant and regularly keep in touch with them in the digital world? What is important to keep them engaged and convert them to (regular) donors? How can you be successful with e-mail marketing and how can a combination of digital and traditional channels lead to online success? Get all the tools you need to develop and execute your integrated digital strategy.

At 12.30 pm you can join us for a network moment with a drink and sandwich. In the afternoon there is our general meeting (only for members from 13.15 pm to 14.15 pm).

Practical information:
Date: Thursday 02/06/2016 from 9.00 till 12.00

9 am: Welcome with coffee
9.20 am: Nik Grymonprez (Studio Straid)
10.00 am: Pascale Van Durme (SocialWare)
10.40 am: little break
10.50 am: Jelle Monstrey (
11.30 am: Liesbeth Van Uytven (Let’s Groo)
12.30 pm: Drinks and sandwiches
13.15 pm: General Meeting (for members only)

Location: Emile Jacqmainlaan 90, 1000 Brussel (@ WWF)
Price conference : free for members / 100EUR for non-members
Subscription: mail to


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