Activity – Youth and Fundraising Conference on Thursday 29/09/2016

Our third conference this year is all about Youth and Fundraising. We invite speakers to share their experiences in engaging youth to do things for charity, how to inspire them and enthuse them. How do you create a positive image for your organisation amongst young people?

foto_Céline_Rimaux   Foto_Lies_Corneillie
foto-magali-lowies  marielaure-debrauwer

Céline Rimaux is coordinator at AmuseeVous, an organisation which has been the matchmaker for young people (aged between 16 and 30 years) and museums/patrimony/art for over ten years. There are often speculations about what young people want. How do you reach them? What do they expect? What triggers them? How do they look at your organisation?  AmuseeVous asked young people and bundled these findings with her expertise in a number of useful tips & tricks which can be directly implemented.

Lies Corneillie is empowerment and participation specialist at Zuiddag. Zuiddag is an organisation that stimulates and encourages young people worldwide to take action for a sustainable and just society. Zuiddag empowers youth to act as active global citizens.

Magali Lowies is Development Education Coordinator (Youth Board) and Marielaure De Brauwer is Communications and Marketing Officer Plan Belgium. Plan Belgium is an independent Belgian NGO, member of the International Plan-organisation. The organisation strives for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. “Young people are agents of change, therefore, Plan Belgium doesn’t only speak in the name of children and youngsters, but also gives them a voice to act in their own name. They are involved in the South Programming, but also in our actions in Belgium (in school context or out of school).

They will tell you more about how to enthuse, recruit and involve young people for your organisation.

9 am: Welcome with coffee
09.30 am: Introduction by Ilja De Coster
9.45 am: Céline Rimaux (AmuseeVous)
10.30 am: Lies Corneillie (Zuiddag)
11.15 am: little break
11.30 am: Duo presentation Magali Lowies and Marielaure De Brauwer (Plan Belgium)
12.15 pm: Drinks and sandwiches
13.00 pm: Special Interest Group (Youth and Fundraising) – only members -m
Moderated by Ilja De Coster

Location: Emile Jacqmainlaan 90, 1000 Brussel (@ WWF)
Price conference : free for members / 100EUR for non-members
Subscription: mail to


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