Activity – 25/10/2016 – Education session (advanced): Data-driven fundraising

Education session Data-driven fundraising (given by Ilja De Coster, Senior Consultant Fundraising)

There is a buzz going around that data is important in fundraising. CRM, Big data, predictive modelling, data analytics, data driven fundraising – too much fancy words… But what is this all about?

Let’s face it: only few fundraisers are aware of what data analytics for fundraising is about. In this session Ilja will introduce you into the world of fundraising data. You will learn what it means to be data driven and why this is important. And most of all you get some easy steps to become data driven and take back control over your own fundraising data.

Several topics will be covered in this session

  • Introduction
  • The 2 dimensions of data-driven
  • The 3 stages of data-driven
  • Getting donor data
  • Tools & software for data-driven
  • Personal action planning

The session is aimed at fundraisers with at least some years of experience in fundraising based on lots of individual donors, regardless the technique used (direct mail, direct dialogue, telemarketing, online or offline…)

The session is only open for fundraisers working for non-profits. People from service providers can participate only after consultation with the trainer.

Practical Information:

Given in Dutch
Date: Tuesday 25/10/2016, 9.30 am to 4 pm
Location:  Kruidtuinstraat 75, 1210 Brussel – @Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen – Directions
Price: 80 EUR for FAB members / 150 EUR for non-members
Subscription: mail to

After the training you will receive a certificate stating that you have followed this course successfully.


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