Activity – Conference: How to deal with legacies? (22/06/2017)


FAB conference legacies

More and more people donate their inheritance (or a part) to charity. In 2006, it came to about 600 legacies. In 2015 more then 1.000, good for a record amount of 187.7 million euros. That’s good news for fundraisers. But how do you convince people to donate? And what does the law say?

How can I donate to a good cause? Why should I donate? How will I be sure my money will be spent well? How much taxes must my family pay? These are some of the questions you can expect when someone wants to donate his or her inheritance.

During this conference you’ll find out all the questions and answers. You’ll learn what the juristic consequences are. And several charities will tell you how they deal with, sometimes very emotional, stories.

9.00 am: Welcome with coffee
9.30 am: Conference legacies

  • 09.30 am to 11.00 am:
    Jan Rachels and Dirk Vercoutter (
    – Jan Rachels, active in fundraising since 43 years and founding father of Dirk Vercoutter, legal expert legacies who had more than twohunderd face-to-face conversations with potential testators. They guide you through their Tournée Généreuse and elaborate on: the motivation of legatees, communication about inheritance and legacies to the general public, a look behind the scenes of the group campaign, some practical tips about duo legacy , how to love your donors to death, will we live  in a better world in 2030 with the manna of the dead.
  • 11.30 am to 12.15 pm:
    Frederick Rooseleir (Gaia)
    – Frederick Rooseleir is responsible for members and legacies at Gaia. He will share his top ten testament tips. GAIA, or Global Action in the Interest of Animals, unites defenders of animal welfare and advocates for animal rights in Belgium.

12.15 pm: Drinks and sandwiches
13.30 pm: Members only – General Assembly (on the agenda: Approval of activity report and finanials FAB 2016, approval action plan and budget 2017, board FAB)

Practical information:
Date: 22/06/2017
Location: @Triodos, Hoogstraat 139, 1000 Brussel
Language: slides: English / speakers: Dutch & French
Price: free for members / 100 EUR for non-members


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