Thanks for your presence at the conference on legacies!

On June 22nd 2017 the conference on legacies took place in Brussels.

Jan Rachels en Dirk Vercoutter from explained what does.  Jan Rachels talked about the profile, motivations, categories of potential testators and how to communicate to them. He emphasized that legacies should be integrated in all of your common communication (discrete and continuously) and that legators need to be approached with love, respect and gratitude. (Love your donors to death! Cfr. Stephen Pidgeon). Dirk Vercoutter, advisor at, talked about the different kinds of legacies and compared them.

Frederick Rooseleir, responsible for legacies at Gaia, gave his top ten testament tips, derived from his own experience:

  1. Take away any obstacles for potential legators
  2. Join
  3. Think about what really appeals to people
  4. Focus on contact
  5. Take care of a good follow-up
  6. Make sure testaments are in all your communication
  7. Centralize everything with one person
  8. Take your organization into the testament-story
  9. Dare to talk about testaments with potential candidates
  10. Be careful with duo legacies

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