Conference on Gamification and VR in Fundraising- 23/01/2018

During this conference you will get information about gamification in fundraising (theoretical information and cases by a gamification evangelist) and cases by fellow-fundraisers about gamification and Virtual Reality in Fundraising. In the afternoon the fundraisers can get to know each other by speeddating. We give you the opportunity to go into dialogue with some fundraisers you never had the chance to talk to.

Who and what to expect?

  • Doors open (09u00)
  • Gamification, what’s boring becomes fun! – David Verbruggen (09u30 – 10u30)

Gamification is the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts in order to engage users and solve problems. To put it in other words: make boring things fun and non-rewarding behaviour rewarding! Did you know that even our moms already used gamification to make us kids do things we didn’t want to do?David Verbruggen

David Verbruggen is a videogames expert with over 20 years of experience in videogames, game development and gamification. His main specialties are project management, business development, sales and content marketing. To get the job done, David relies on his elaborate network of valuable contacts, stretching from international publishers and local developers to government and media.

(Powerpoint in English – Spoken language: Dutch)

  • Case by Memisa: videogame ‘Bevallen is geen kinderspel! / Accoucher n’est pas un jeu!’ – Sandrine Morreale (10u45 – 11u20)

Sandrine-Morreale-2-1024x1024In October 2015 Memisa launched a videogame ‘Bevallen is geen kinderspel’, to raise awareness about the difficulties a pregnant woman in Africa has to endure to get to the hospital. Sandrine Morealle, Teamleader Communication & Fundraising at Memisa, will explain how they got to developing the game and what the outcomes were.

(Powerpoint in English – Spoken language: French)

  • Case by Greenpeace: VR trip to the North Pole – François Bulon (11u20 – 11u55)

FrançoisBulonGreenpeace launched a campaign to attract new members with a VR-film about the North Pole. In the VR-film Greenpeace takes the viewers to the heart of the North Pole areas. They can discover what it is like to walk on an ice sea and to discover the gletsjer, but also get to see a mother ice bear with her offspring. François Bulon, coach at Greenpeace Belgium, will explain how the VR-film came about and what the impact was.

(Powerpoint in English – Spoken language: French)

  • Case by Direct Result: gamification in giving direction to your fundraisers – Sharif Sayed (11u55 – 12u25)

Sharif SayedDirect Result, provides several charities with donor recruitment by having highly educated students have personal conversations with people on the streets, at their homes or at events and festivals. To motivate and give direction to the students they also use gamification. Sharif Sayed, director at Direct Result, will give more insights.

(Powerpoint in English – Spoken language: Dutch)

  • Lunch & drinks (12u30 – 13u15)
  • FAB Speeddating with members and non-members!  (13u15 – 15u15)

speeddate photoIn the afternoon you can join us for the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium Speeddating. You get the chance to talk face-to-face to seven fundraisers in one hour. The ideal opportunity to get to talk to some fellow-fundraisers you have never exchanged experiences with.

Every speeddate takes 7 minutes. Then we give you a minute to change tables and get to know your next conversation partner.


The sessions will be structured for audience participation and a question/answer period.

Practical information:

Date: Tuesday 23 January 2018,  9 am to 3.30 pm
Location: @WWF, Emile Jacqmainlaan 90 1000 Brussel
Language: Powerpoint in English – Spoken languages: Dutch and French (see program)
Price: Free for members of Fundraisers Alliance Belgium / Non-members:  50% discount for non-members: 75€ instead of 150€ for non-FAB-members
Subscription: send an e-mail to with name and organisation and please mention whether you want to stay for the speeddates in the afternoon.
(if non-member, please add invoice-information as well).

You can already subscribe for the conference by sending an e-mail to





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