Conference on ‘Ethics and defending fundraising’ (27 March 2018, Leuven)


Conference on Ethics in fundraising and defending the profession(2)

What is ethical fundraising? And how do you cope with negative messages about fundraising in the media?

  • Does your organisation choose to work with internal or external fundraisers ?
  • What determines the earnings of the fundraisers ?
  • When is a fundraising campaign considered as too shocking ?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts in communicating with (potential) donors?
  • How are the resources of the organisation being spent? How transparant are organisations about this?
  • How do you deal with the public opinion and media attention involving fundraising?

These are some of the topics that will be handled during this conference and debate.


9 am: Doors open – Welcome

koen.png__300x363_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscale_koenvandenbroeck9.15 am: Koen Van den Broeck will talk about the impact of media on the functioning of Fundraisers, how media work, prejudices that live in public opinion about fundraising and non-profit organizations, how, we as fundraisers, must be able to deal with media, to defend ourselves.
Koen Van den Broeck has been working as communication and fundraising employee in organizations such as Handicap International, Doctors Without Borders, Velt and today at Street Nurses / Infirmiers de rue for more than twenty-five years. He also worked as a consultant at EthiCom cv38a7714_ErikTodtsba for years. (Presentation in English/ speaker in Dutch)

10.00 am: Short Break

10.15 am: Erik Todts (vice-chairman VEF vzw) (Presentation in English/speaker in Dutch)

10.45am: Debate with panel on ethics in fundraising and defending the profession (Introduction and moderation by Ilja De Coster, senior fundraising consultant, Fundraising Data Strategist at Amnesty International and Director Donor Relationship Management and Data Strategy at The DonorVoice) (Panel members speak their mother tongue)

12.30 pm: Lunch with sandwiches and drinks

Practical information:
Date: Tuesday 27/03/2018, 09u00 to 12u30
Location: Huis Bethlehem, Schapenstraat 34, 3000 Leuven (in aula Wolfspoort) – Meer info over de bereikbaarheid van de locatie vindt u hier (trein, bus, auto (zie routeplan). Na inschrijving kan u ook een parkingcode krijgen om gebruik te maken voor de parking.
Language: Presentations: English / Spoken languages: French, Dutch
Price: free for members / 150 EUR for non-members (register before March 16th 2018 as a non-member of FAB and get a 50€ discount)
Subscription:  Mail us at  if you want to attend this conference. If you are not a member, please add your invoice-information as well.

(A no-show-fee of 30 euros will be charged if members don’t show up without notification the day before/ non-members who don’t notify us about not being able to show up 5 days before the event, will be charged the half of the amount of 150€)


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