Closed – fully booked – Conference on ‘How to get the most out of initiatives like De Warmste Week?’ (September 11th 2018)

Sorry, this session is fully booked.

What better way to prepare for the next edition of De Warmste Week? Get inspired by the person responsible for the digital footprint and community management of the Warmste Week and by the cases by non-profits that strongly invest in De Warmste Week.

  • Warmste WeekBrecht Vaes, digital coördinator at VRT, responsible for digital footprint and community management Warmste Week.
    Brecht Vaes will talk about the central role campaigners take in the organisation of The Warmste Week and how they put them first in everything they do. Brecht will answer questions like:

    • What makes the Warmste Week a success?
    • Trends in types of organizations?
    • Which non-profits are popular?
    • Tips & tricks to be chosen by campaigners as a non profit
  • Get inspired by these cases by non-profits that strongly invest in De Warmste Week:
    • SOS_general_bilingualTom Moons, head of partnerships and communication at SOS-Kinderdorpen. Each year SOS-Kinderdorpen tries to motivate people to organise fundraising actions for their organisation. Since three years they organise the action Work 1 Hour For Life, in which they call upon people to work for 1 hour for SOS-Kinderdorpen.
    • logo_villaclementinaKatia Verhaeren, director at Villa Clementina, an integrated and inclusive day nursery for young children with and without disabilities, will be talking about their approach before, during and after de Warmste Week.
    • Katrin Janssen, president Feestvarken vzw. Feestvarken vzw is an organisation that has a 350-feestvarkendouble purpose. On the one hand they give birthday packages to children that live in poverty. On the other hand they raise awareness on the issue of (child)poverty in primary and secondary schools. Feestvarken has known a substantial growth (150 packages distributed in 2014/ 1700 packages distributed in 2018). De Warmste Week plays a big role in this. In no time Feestvarken vzw was  one of the most popular organisations during the Warmste Week. Koen will share their values and approach during this De Warmste Week-period. How do they reach campaigners and how do they commercialise their organisation without losing their values?

As soon we have more information about the program, we will share it here.

Practical information:
Date: 11/09/2018, 09u00 to 12u30
Location: Brussels, @Medecins Du Monde, Kruidtuinstraat 75, 1210 Brussel
Language: Presentations: English / Spoken languages: French, Dutch
Price: free for members / 150 EUR for non-members
Subscription:  Mail us at  if you want to attend this conference. If a non-member, please add your invoice-information as well.


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