Ethics in fundraising – conference on March 27th

Recent scandals in charities have  made it more than clear that transparency and ethics in fundraising are ever so important. Not only for the reputation of your own association, but for the entire sector. The FAB conference on March 27th in Leuven handled this matter, with speakers Koen Van Den Broeck (Ethicom) and Erik Todts (VEF) and a following debate moderated by Ilja De Coster, with Etienne Schats (Médecins Sans Frontières), Liesbeth van Uytven (Mindwize) and Koen Van Den Broeck (Ethicom).

To earn the trust of donors it is important to work as ethical and transparant as possible.

Koen Van Den Broeck gave the audience 4 basic conditions to resist critics and to defend fundraising in the public opinion:

1. Impact – Communicate about the impact of your organisation (numbers and stories).
2. Ethics – Walk the talk, make sure your organisation follows their ethical codes.
3. Transparency – Give financial information about your association (what happens with their donations?) and talk to people about your fundraising in your daily communications.
4. Preparedness – Be prepared for a period of mistrust from the public, make sure you have crisis procedures and instruments prepared.


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