Enjoy a group discount! Join the FAB with your colleague-fundraisers now.

You are working as a fundraiser for a (fairly) large NGO, charity, association or company?

You and (several) colleagues are involved in fundraising activities (e.g. digital fundraising, face-to-face, fundraising events, legacies, major donors, data management, …)?

You would all like to gain some more inspiration and education in fundraising from experts and colleagues from other organisations?

Join the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium with at least three colleagues and you will get a 15% discount on your memberships!

Membership is still personal, but if one of the members is unable to attend a conference or education session they can be replaced by a colleague that is a non-member.

What benefits do you and your colleagues get as members?

  • You receive the monthly newsletter about activities of FAB and other fundriasing initiatives, news about scientific research, facts, job offers, tips & tricks within the field of fundraising.
  • Knowledge exchange about fundraising topics during free conferences (at least 4 per year) and dayfilling education sessions at reduced rate (4 per year).
  • The possibility to spread fundraising news or job offers through the network of the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium.
  • And of course the network of fundraisers you get to know during our meetings will be a great group of likeminded people you get to meet.

Curious about what organisations our members work for?

Get more info about membership here or mail us for more information at fab@2mpact.be


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