FAB looks to expand membership offering as more non-profit jobs include fundraising in their remit

Fundraisers Alliance Belgium (FAB) is looking to further grow its membership, with almost 100 professionals having signed up in the past three years.

As more people join, the association has noticed that new members are no longer all full-time fundraisers, with membership now split 50:50 between full-time and part-time fundraisers.

This is as a result of market changes increasing the pressure on fundraising as an income source for non-profits, which in turn is prompting involvement from a wider range of staff members. In addition, also helping to bring in a wider audience, FAB has tried to broaden the scope of its conferences to include wider topics such as social media, how to organise events, and new tech trends as seen in this summer’s Young Adult Donors & New Tech Trends conference, as well as the basics of fundraising and fundraising strategy. FAB is also reaching more people through its newsletter, which includes a range of articles and best practice examples.

It has found that its members are typically looking for a mixture of basic knowledge and examples of best practice with direct relevance to their job and organisations, but that there is also an increasing interest in gaining new skills to help them to widen their expertise as a fundraising professional.

FAB secretariat said:

“Our member base includes a lot of small organisations with limited staff numbers, as well as those looking to adopt a more professional approach to fundraising. In both cases fundraising is not so much the responsibility of one person with a specific function or job title, but rather a set of tasks designated to one or more staff members within the organisation.

“The challenge for FAB therefore is to keep in mind that fundraising is a ‘role’ rather than a job title, and that it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to make sure all staff members are in one way or another aware and involved in the fundraising process. In 2019 FAB will look further into this with the aim of delivering on the expectations of our members by offering more job specific content and broader skills-based learning.”

This article will also be spread by EFA, the European Fundraising Association. FAB would also like to hear from other EFA members with similar experiences on how they tackle this challenge.



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