FAB Conference on ‘how to organise original events for fundraising’ was fully booked on Tuesday

Hélène Leroy, fundraising & event officer at Médecins du Monde, explained how they organise their annual bike tour, that has been changed into Doc’Riders since this year. They took a new start as they found some weaknesses in the existing format. 

IMG_3176Some spearpoints they strongly hold onto for their fundraising approach in this event:

  • The minimum amount to be raised must be proportional to the challenge.
  • No participation without the minimum amount raised.
  • Variable costs per participant must be low.
  • Accompany participants. (Crucial to put tools in place to help participants reach their fundraising goal)

Hélène Leroy was very open about the strong and weak points of the campaign Doc’Riders and gave great inside information on how they went about organising it all. 

IMG_3179Next came Dominique Jansen, volunteer at Antwerp Diner, a grand annual fundraising event that raises funds for three organisations with focus on the prevention and cure of aids and hiv (Institute of Tropical Medicine, Sensoa and Tommorow4Isibani). 

The Antwerp Diner was first organised in 1996 by people in the hospitality sector. The basic ingrediënts for the Antwerp Diner are:

  • Stars on your plate (greatest chefs in Belgium cook for the guests)
  • Stars on stage (Belgian artists perform for the guests)
  • A raffle/ tombola with grand prices (given by sponsors)
  • An auction (for example last year a work by Delphine Boël was sold for over 19.000€)
  • 500 guests (great return of guests every year)

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