Past activities – overview

Members attend conferences for free, education sessions can be attended at a reduced price by members.


11/12/2018:     Education session ‘Donor journey’

27/11/2018      Conference on ‘How to organise original events (for fundraising)’

23/10/2018       Education session ‘Strategic planning for fundraisers’

25/09/2018       Education session ‘Social media for fundraisers’

11/09/2018        Conference “Warmste week” + General Meeting

12/06/2018        Conference “Young adult donors & new tech trends + General Meeting

27/03/2018        Conference on ‘Ethics and defending fundraising’

20/02/2018        Education session ‘General introduction into fundraising’

23/01/2018        Conference on gamification and VR in Fundraising


16/11/2017        Education session: Storytelling for fundraisers

11/10/2017        Conference on ‘Impact in fundraising’

07/09/2017        Conference on ‘Data and fundraising’ (GDPR-rules)

22/06/2017        Conference on ‘How to deal with legacies?’ + General meeting

11/05/2017        Education session: Strategic Planning for fundraisers

19/01/2017        Education session: Fundraising Basics


22/11/2016         Conference: major donor fundraising + special interest group

25/10/2016         Education (advanced): data-driven fundraising

29/09/2016         Conference: youth and fundraising + Special Interest Group

02/06/2016         Conference: online fundraising + general meeting

10/05/2016         Education (advanced): strategic planning in fundraising

28/04/2016         Education (beginner): general introduction in fundraising

22/03/2016         Special Interest Group: members can choose a subject

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